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Positive Displacement Meter


Oval Gear Flow Meter

Positive Displacement Meter
San-Vij Positive Displacement Flow meter based on Oscillating Piston or Rotory piston design for accurate & reliable for measurement of Various Industrial Oils, Fuels, Chemicals, Solvents etc.

The Flow meter consiss of piston Oscillating inside a cylindrical housing by a partition. Non contaqct type Solid sate sensor mounted outside the housing is actuated by magnet encapsulated in piston. Output of Solid state mens replica watches sensor is fed to microprocessor based Totalizer or Batch Controller or Flow Transmitter.

Moc :

Aluminum /Brass/SS304/SS316

    ( Piston : Derlin Teflon)
Max operating Temp & Pressure : 80˚. C & 10kg/cm2 ( Higher Temp. Possible)
Viscosity : 2000 CST (max)
Pressure Drop : 0.2 to 0.3 kg/cm² (at max. flow Rate)
Accuracy : ± 0.5%
Display Unit : DIN 96X96, panel mounting, supply 230 VAC (Fameproof Enclosure optional)
Application : Fuel consumption, Container filling chemicals Dozing / mixing; Dispensing
End connection
Flow Range (at 1 cst )
0.5 - 3.0 LPM
C.S. Flange end
2.0 - 12.0 LPM
C.S. Flange end
6.0 - 36.0 LPM
C.S. Flange end
15 - 100 LPM
C.S. Flange end
30 - 150 LPM
C.S. Flange end
50 - 300 LPM

Display Unit

(microprocessor based DIN 96 x 96. panel mounting)

1. Flow rate Indicator + Six digit Digital Flow totalizer with battery back up. (model: FRT)

2. Four/Six Digit Digital Batch Controller with 1CO Relay Output contact. (model: BC4/BC6)

+ Six Digit totalizer (model: BC4T)

3. Flow Rate + Totalizer + Batcher + 4-20 mA output,


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