Oval Gear Flowmeter

Turbine Flow Meter
With Advance Microprocessor Based Technology
San-Vij Turbine flow meters are designed for the volumetric measurements of fluids. The meters are rugged, reliable & precise instruments suitable for all Industrial Chemicals, Fuels etc.
Positive Displacement Meter
Volumetric Rotory Piston Design

San-Vij Positive Displacement Flow meter based on Oscillating Piston or Rotory piston design for accurate & reliable for measurement of Various Industrial Oils, Fuels, Chemicals, Solvents etc.

Display Unit

(microprocessor based DIN 96 x 96. panel mounting)

Ultra Sonic Flow Meter

San-Vij Engineers is also into manufacturing of ultrasonic flow meter, with reliable quality and providing one of the best services in the market.

Oval Gear Flow Meter  

San-vij  oval  gear  flowmeter  is  positive  displacement  flowmeter, incorporating  two oval  gears, flow  of  liquid  causes  two  oval  gears  to  rotate  within  measuring  chamber


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