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Turbine Flow Meter


San-Vij Turbine flow meters are designed for the volumetric measurements of fluids. The meters are rugged, reliable & precise instruments suitable for all Industrial Chemicals, Fuels etc. The basic meter consists of a freely suspended bladed rotor positioned axially in the flow stream with the flowing fluid pushing against the blades. The rotational speed of the turbine is proportional to the velocity of the fluid & hence truly represents the volume of the fluid flowing through meter. The rotation of turbine rotor generates electrical pulses in the pick off attached to flow meter housing. The output pulses are amplified & converted to measure flow rate & Integration.
TURBINE SENSOR with FOUR/SIX DIGIT BATCH CONTROLLER with 1CO Relay output contact offered to transfer PRESET QTY. of liquid from main storage tank with automatic flow shut off.

: 10-25 mm NB (threaded end connection)

   40-150 mm NB (C.S. flanged end connection)
Materials : SS 304/316 throughout/PP/PVC
   Bearing-Ceramic bush bearing
Accuracy : ±0.5% for liquid.
   (over 1:5 flow Range inclusive of Linearity & repeatability)
Pressure Drop : 0.05 to 0.2 Kg/cm at 100% flow Range.
Pressure : As per flange specifications
Temperature : upto 100 C
Calibrated : Calibrated on water


Liquid Flow Range (Turbine)
15 mm NB ~ (10-30)LMP 50 mm NB ~ (125-500) LMP
20 mm NB ~ (20-60)LMP 65 mm NB ~ (200-800) LMP
25 mm NB ~ (30-90)LMP 80 mm NB ~ (300-1200) LMP
40 mm NB ~ (60-240)LMP 100 mm NB ~ (450-2000) LMP
  150 mm NB ~ (1000-5000) LMP
Diagram of Turbine Flowmeter
Operating Information
Name of Fluid : Corrosive/non-corrosive
Temperature & Pressure  
Nominal Bore of Pipe Line  
Flow Rate : Minimum/Normal/Maximum
Readout Display : Model:FRT/BC4/BC6/BC4T
Power supply : 230VAC/other

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